The Blizzard of February 1978
The River Ogmore as viewed from the "white bridge" looking west. Compare this with the views taken in the Winter of 1963. Dunraven Place the morning after the blizzard, before the massive clear-up operation began.
Adare Street. Looking up Caroline Street towards the fountain.
Looking down Caroline Street Angel Street viewed from the Old Bridge.
Lady Caroline's Fountain at the top end of Caroline Street. The Inner By-Pass Road looking from the junction of Merthyr Mawr Road up towards the intersection of Cowbridge Road, Ewenny Road and Nolton Street.
A view from on top of the Old Bridge looking down the alleyway to Dunraven Place. Wyndham Street.
Sunnyside Road, looking towards the Old Bridge. Merthyr Mawr Road as viewed from the junction with Grove Road, looking towards town. All the children are taking advantage of a day off school!
Merthyr Mawr Road. Looking towards town from the junction with Grove Road. Merthyr Mawr Road. Looking towards town from the junction with St Marie Street.
Merthyr Mawr Road, Looking south from the junction with the Inner By-Pass. The junction of Merthyr Mawr Road with Nolton Street.
A helicopter was used on a few occasions to bring in urgent medical supplies for the hospital. Landing in Newbridge Fields, a small crowd usually gathered to watch, attracting the interest of boys of all ages.
Enough snow this year to build igloos - a house in Merthyr Mawr Road had a large igloo in the front garden. A night-time view of the igloo.

After the blizzard - the clear up. Large machinery was brought in to remove the compacted snow. This is a view of Merthyr Mawr Road looking towards the junction of Grove Road. By the time the snow was cleared from Merthyr Mawr Road it was compacted and almost solid ice up to 2ft thick.






(Right) Most of the removed snow was tipped into the River Ogmore at Angel Street.

All of the above photographs © M.J. Stokes

The following are a few photographs kindly donated by Brian John showing areas I didn't visit with my camera.
The Rhiw shopping arcade Bryntirion Hill looking east
Bryntirion Hill looking west Llangewydd Road near the shops

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